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Easy to create with multiple content types

Use multiple file types to prepare training materials for your learners

One authoring tool to rule them all

Make use of flexible creative features

Course styling

With Innform you can style text, lists and tables from one place. Make your content look engaging and professional.

Custom categories

Use customisable categories to organise your training items into groups. Helpful to search and track later.

Modules & Quizzes

Training items can be made up of media-rich modules and quizzes with multiple question types and images.


Set up certification with a few clicks. Reward your learners with a certificate at the end of a compliance course.

Multiple languages

Easily and automatically translate your training items into multiple languages for your learners.

Free photos

Use Innform’s royalty-free image bank to add images into your courses in seconds. Powered by Unsplash.

Multiple question types

Build quizzes with many question types

Single choice
Multiple choice
True or False
Fill-in the blanks

Integrate with your existing tools

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Monitor results from one place


Innform will automatically convert your text into audio so your learners can listen to your training.

Zoom & Teams integration

Connect your Zoom & Teams accounts with Innform and incorporate real-time training calls in your eLearning.

No file size limit

With Innform, you can upload an unlimited amount of videos for your learners to enjoy.

Dedicated support

Reach out to Innform’s helpful support staff whenever you need help while creating training items.

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