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Everything you need in one package

Create and manage training

Videos & Images

Upload training videos and images to Innform, create engaging training courses for your team.

Upload SCORM

Upload SCORM courses and quizzes to Innform and assign them to your learners just like any other course.

Reuse PPT & PDF

Import your Powerpoint presentations and PDF documents as part of your courses, make them instantly viewable.

< 60 minute response time.

Our team is always available to help.

Courses or Manuals

Create courses or manuals, or automatically convert a course into a manual once learners pass a course.


Create assessments with multiple question types, attach images to questions or answers.

Learning Paths

Automate your learners’ training journey by building a training path made from multiple training items.

Unlimited learners.

With Innform, you can add or remove learners at any time.

Setup events

Create events made from multiple training items like courses, quizzes and classroom training.

File repository

Keep all your videos, images and files in one place on Innform, to easily drag into your training items.


Set up custom certification with auto-generated certificates using Innform’s course authoring tool.

Drag & Drop.

The Innform course builder works with an easy drag and drop system.


Embed a variety of content into your courses, like video conferencing events and presentations, using an iFrame.

Free photos

Use Innform’s royalty-free image library to populate courses with engaging images.

Your own categories

Customise Innform with an unlimited list of training categories that best fit your company.

Everything you need in one package

Engage your learners


Engage your learners with their training platform using leaderboards, points and badges.


Notify admins and learners via email or SMS about new training assignments and status updates.


Innform is completely multilingual. Translate the LMS interface and your training items with just a few clicks.


Every aspect of Innform is multilingual, including training items like courses.

Text to speech

Turn your course into a podcast! The Innform multilingual text-to-speech AI can read the course to your learners.


Allow your learners to reach out to a trainer with a question, whenever they come across a stumbling block.

Blended learning

Deliver flexible and varied training. Blend courses, quizzes and manuals with offline classroom training.

Constantly updated.

We release new features and product improvements every other week.

Email invitations

With Innform, you can invite learners in bulk, or individually using their email address.

SMS invitations

With Innform, you can choose to invite your learners by SMS using their mobile number.

Learner feedback

Learners can leave trainers feedback at the end of every course. A great way to constantly improve your training!

Export reports in PDF.

Admins can export training reports with one click, in CSV or PDF format.

Everything you need in one package

Powerful tracking tools

Monitor and report

Keep above every training assignment, use filters to generate precise reports and be notifed of failed attempts.


Innform users can be categorised into super-admins, admins, regional admins or learners.


Assign users and delegate training across different properties, manage training in different areas from one place.


Training items and content within Innform is searchable.


Organise learners into groups like Kitchen, Full-time staff etc. This makes it easy to assign and track training.

Bulk actions & imports

Import, train or deactivate multiple learners across different groups with only a few clicks using bulk select.


The Innform iOS or Android app for admins or learners elevates and simplifies the training experience.

Communicate with learners.

Innform makes it easy for trainers to reach learners and vice-versa.

Mobile ready

Every aspect of Innform is mobile-responsive. This applies for learners accessing Innform from a computer.

Compliance tracking

Use the Compliance tracking feature to automate and manage training of a compliance nature.

GDPR friendly

The Innform software and servers follow all GDPR guidelines set out by the EU in 2018.


Connect Innform to a software solution you already use.

Everything you need in one package

Customise your LMS

On-demand library

Create your very own on-demand course library so learners can self-initiate training.

White labelling

Customise your Innform interface with your corporate logo and colours to give your learners a branded experience.

Flexibility with billing

With Innform, you can deactivate and activate learners at any time, freezing billing for those learners.


Innform users save up to 80% in training costs in their first year of use.

Update email templates

Customise the text in emails that are automatically sent to admins and learners, such as notifications.

Change language

With Innform you can switch your preferred language with a single click, at any time.

Welcome messages

Create custom welcome messages for new learners joining your Innform training platform.


Deactivate/reactivate learners to control your monthly bill.

GDPR friendly.

Innform and the servers we use are fully GDPR compliant.

Everything you need in one package


Send notifications

Use email services to send your learners and admins notifications that are triggered by specific actions.

Collect feedback

Integrate Innform with apps like Google Forms to collect valuable feedback from your learners.

Import learners

Connect your CRM or Payroll software to Innform, to transfer your employees onto the LMS instantly.

Mobile ready.

Innform is 100% mobile responsive and optimised.

Automate assignments

Send training assignments like new employee inductions automatically whenever a new employee joins.

Import files

Connect cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox and transfer your files into Innform.

Generate calendar events

Send learners calendar events every time they receive a training assignment with a deadline.


Save valuable time by automating training and tracking.

Video conference calls

Embed video conference events in courses with tools like Zoom to trigger a call with your learners.

Add milestones and todo’s

Transfer learners’ list of training tasks into project management or productivity tools.

Post to social media

Allow learners to automatically post their course progress to social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Innform App.

Download the Innform iOS and Android apps for an optimised elearning experience on mobile.